Thursday, April 8, 2010


When you sleep, your brain is supposed to turn off.
Your body shuts down for a matter of hours in some form.
To recuperate.
To rest.
To recharge.
So that it can exercise its full potential when the morning comes.
Typically, sleep happens at night.
Since the beginning of time, night has had a connotation that has been, pardon the expression-
Evil things lurk in the night.
Night is when the bad guys come out.
Night is when you're alone with your thoughts.
You never heard of someone crying his or her self awake.
You cry yourself to sleep.
At night.
Sorrow endures for a NIGHT.
Night is long.
Night can seem endless.
It hides behind facades of having an AM after the numbers.
3 AM, to me, is still night.
That's not a morning.
It's not light.
Sorrow endures for a night.
It seems so simple.
It seems like it's so fleeting.
In the grand scheme, it is fleeting.
But not when you're in it.
But you need night.
Be it real night or symbolic.
Night is needed.
Night prepares you.
Night strips away the exhausting old.
Night allows  you to wake up fresh
Night allows you to be sharpened and exercise your full potential.
Don't hate the night.
It's not forever.
It's not always pleasant.
But you grow and you develop and you change in the night.
And keep hope.
Morning's on the horizon.
Every night gives birth to a morning.
And joy comes in the morning.

It may just not be time for you to wake up yet.

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