Monday, February 1, 2010

To Be Like Jesus

I have no idea why this just hit me. It's so simple and, yet, so profound.

When people say that we should strive to be like Jesus, it sounds like a big order. I mean, Jesus is sinless, perfect, and God in flesh. That seems to be ridiculously hard and complex. We are human. We are fallible, and we are carnal. There is no way on earth that we can ever be exactly like Jesus, right?

This thought just hit me.

I don't know about the thought process of a guy, so let me explain this to the guys out there how girls, at least I, operate. Sometimes, when a girl really likes a guy, and I'm not saying that this is always true, she will attempt to, well, I don't want to say impress him, so let me put it like this:

Until I met 9YG (remember him? I haven't mentioned him in a while.), I had no strong feelings about Dr.Pepper. I had also probably never listened to a Steven Curtis Chapman song. This guy was obsessed with Dr.Pepper and thought that Steven Curtis Chapman was the greatest. So, my eight-year-old self wanted to like what this boy liked, and be like him so that maybe he would like me back. And to this day, even though I have, thankfully, gotten over 9YG, I still love Dr.Pepper and think that Steven Curtis Chapman is amazing.

And so it goes. I can't count how many artists I have added to my library because some guy told me they were good. And how many authors I have read because of it. My handwriting even slants to the left because I tried to write like this one guy and it kind of stuck.

Girls, I am sorry that I think I may have just given you a bad name right there. I do have a point, here, so go with me.

Guys, girls aren't all like that. I'm kind of a worst case scenario. It's probably why I'm still single. Don't fault other girls because I was like this. Still am. A little.

Anyway, so I said all of that to say this. And I hope that it gets my point across. I guess the way that I interpret trying to be like Jesus is the same way that girls try to impress these guys. You like the guy, and therefore you want to like what he likes. You want to be like him. You know? Does that make sense?

If you love Jesus, truly, it's not going to be a struggle for you to strive to be like Jesus. You're going to want to love what he loves. You're going to want to have the same desires as he does. Your ultimate goal will to be like him.

And I really hope that that made sense. I just had the thought and had to get it out.

Carry on.

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Theresa said...

By Jove, I think she's got it! Great post, Becky!