Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes In College, We Get Nicknames and Watch The Super Bowl

Despite the fact that some of you who have already heard my new nickname have expressed displeasure, I happen to like the new nickname. Apparently, a girl here already had the nickname of "Becky" and getting called Rebecca by 100+ people on a daily basis gets old. And so, some of the people have come up with what they feel is a suitable alternative. 

My nickname is Rebby.

I like it. Nobody else has it and it's different. So if you don't like it, meh. It's now on my dorm room door. And now the friend who suggested the nickname is revolting against it. What are you going to do?
For those of you living under a rock, last night was the Super Bowl. I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings with a few of the girls here and we proceeded to pretend to know what we were talking about while watching the game, along with enjoying some amazing yumminess.


Theresa said...

As long as Rebby doesn't stand for Rebel, I can handle it. As long as you are comfortable with it, what does it really matter what anyone else thinks??

Tiff said...

If you insist on keeping that God-awful nickname I insist on helping it live up to its full white trash potential. Thus, I will henceforth call you Rebby Mae. Blech.