Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chillens, College, and Computers (And other frightening things)

Chillens: A ghetto term that is the equivalent of the word children 

You must read  this. Because it brings me great joy. Lots and lots of it. Like, you can't imagine. Unless you were at my church on Sunday night and saw me and Cerri scream. Then you may have a little, tiny bit of an idea.


I am so ready to go to college. I don't know why, but I've just been extremely psyched about heading off to Gateway this week. I'm ready to go and three months seems like forever right now. I can't wait to go and get started. My application went out (after many tries and delays) today, my recommendations are in the mail, and my pastoral reference went out about a week after I got back from Paraguay. All there is to do now is to wait  for an acceptance letter.


My computer makes me want to cry and/or scream right now. About a week ago, the thing turned itself off and didn't come back on for three days. Once it turned on, it froze up. Not it freezes up after about a half an hour of being on. I don't know what the deal is. I've run virus scans and the works, and what the guess is is that the fan is shot. I'm not pleased about this. Not at all.

To make this worse, the other day I opened the laptop, which had been off all day, to see that the "p" key was missing. Just randomly. The computer was shut and off all day. Weirdness.

Cars; Driving, Nearly Wrecking, and Being Banned by Friends from Driving of.

This is me on the day I got my permit. See how happy and carefree I look? No worries. Oblivious to the fact that I am in sole control of a large van. Tralalala....look at me. I'm driving a car.

This was before "the incident".

I have driven since then, several times. I drove on country roads.I drove to Coldstone. I drove to WalMart. I drove here and there and everywhere. And so finally, my friends decide that I can make "the step".

"Becky, we're going to let you drive us to Mansfield."

EEEEEEEEEE! (Squeal of joy)

I drove well. I showed that road who was boss. I made turns and did not land in a ditch. I didn't run into other cars. Sure a few people passed me along the way and sure I was driving ten miles under the speed limit while people yelled kind words like "idiot", and waved politely while showing me the international finger of friendship. Good folks all around. But I made it unscathed. I even pulled successfully into a WingStreet so we could have a delicious lunch of Pizza Hut buffet. And I pulled out of the parking lot without dying. Huzzah!

Enter the aneurysm.

Tralala, look at me. I'm driving in Mansfield. Hey, that's a red light. Hey, I didn't put on the brakes hard enough. Well, what do you know, we're in the middle of an intersection. Hey- WHY THE HECK IS THAT CAR COMING TOWARDS ME?!

Needless to say, I was slightly shaken up after this. And forced my friend to drive the rest of the way. And now I am no longer able to drive.

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