Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back to School and a Special Effort

Today, after unintentionally putting it off since the first week that school was in session, I finally made it back to the high school to go see Senora Tuel. I had brought her back a souvenier from Paraguay and had been meaning to go back and visit her ever since I went to the school when I got back and all of my teachers that I wanted to see (including her husband) were there except for her. So we talked about Paraguay and my other Spanish teacher ended up coming in and acting all nice, prompting me to really want to go, "Dude, you hated me. Don't lie." But I bit my tongue. I've done that a lot over the past few days. Don't even get me started. But anyway, it was awesome to get to see my favorite teacher of all time, who pretty much believes I can do anything. She asked me if my Spanish got better and how everything went, because she knew how scared I was about not being able to talk to people. When I told her I made friends who didn't speak any English, she replied with, "See, I always knew you could do it." It's pretty cool to have someone who believes in you like that.

She then suggested that because today was the day of the book club meeting (which I was in while I was in high school), I should drop in. So, I did. There were brownies and we talked about grammar. It was heavenly.

Because I am an unemployed loser, who places of potential work won't even call back, I am attempting to find projects to occupy my time. Right now, I'm attempting to get approval from the youth leaders and pastor to organize a youth-led service. Our youth group has this thing (which I'm pretty sure is prevelent in all youth groups) where we want to get together, but usually it's only to do pizza or Magic Mountain or something. We want youth services, but we expect other people to do everything and organize them for us. So, what I'm trying to put together is a service that is led completely by members of the youth group. Music, preaching, offering and announcements, everything. I'm really hoping I can get it all together and approved. I think it would be amazing and would bring our youth group together.

In the meantime, I'm making plans for a trip to St.Louis for Preview Weekend on November 12-14. I'm also planning on staying an extra day and going to O'Fallon, MO to go to the church I'm planning on attending while I'm at Gateway. I'm really excited about the whole thing.

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