Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Much Cuteness

While I haven't done as much actual teaching as I had planned, I absolutely love the kids here. They are incredibly enthusiastic and energetic and I just love watching them. Whenever they see me with my camera they all stare and smile big for it, even if they're supposed to be paying attention to something else. I can't help it. I'm supposed to be taking candid pictures.

In case you don't remember, there is a large epidemic of pneumonia-bronchitis-lung infection stuff going around Paraguay at the moment, and the schools' winter breaks were extended an extra week so that kids could get well. Not that this did much good, as on Monday, when they started back, less than half of the kids showed up. I have been gone for a month now, and in that month, I have been in the classroom twice and this is only the fifth school day I have witnessed.  Yet, after lunch today, when I came back to the school, the kids from the jardin class who were out on recess came towards me running, yelling, "Hello, Profe! Hello!" They are learning basic Engish and say things like hello, thank you, and I love you all the time. I've been in their classrooms twice, and they still call me profe,  which means teacher. Weird, yet sweet stuff.

Enjoy this familiar tune:

This week has been fairly uneventful. It's just me and Sis.Bir until next Wednesday, because Bro.Bir is in Argentina.  Sis.Bir and I didn't go along because of car trouble and the fact that school started back up this week. Oh well. Maybe another time. I've been busy making up pictures for posters and flashcards, and it's nice to have a lot to do and to help with. I'm not liking the 6:30-5 hours and the moment, though. Tomorrow should be a shorter day, praise God. I at least get to sleep in until 7:15 instead of 5:45. I'm making a trip to Cerro Lambare this week or next week, where I'll have to hike up the hill. That should be a story to share. I'm going with Diana either next Monday or next Thursday. Not sure which yet. I'll keep you posted on that and close with a picture of Cerro Lambare. I took this picture from the restaurant on top of the grocery store down the street from where I live, called SuperSeis. The grocery stores here have buffet restaurants on top of them, with delicious Paraguayan food. Even the Sopa Paraguaya wasn't bad, and I haven't been a fan of that so far.

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