Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Recent Happenings

The past few days have been extrordinarily busy. I've been working on photocopying the church's constitution and titles for all of the properties that they own here in Paraguay so that they can get the taxes exonerated. It's a complicated process that has already taken roughly 600 photocopies and I'm about halfway through. The church constitution, a copy of the cedula, or identification, id number, and other required documents is about 24 pages. I had to run off 20 copies of that. I then have to run off all of the titles which can range from about five pages to fifteen pages, depending on how long the property has been in ownership. If this doesn't sound complex enough, the copier has been a fixture of the church for ten years and has made roughly a quarter of a million copies. For a machine that old, that pretty much signifies that the machine is on its last leg. Also the fact that it jams paper every other copy and when it's not jamming paper, the jam paper light comes on anyway just to make me happy.

It's hard to believe that on Wednesday, I will have been gone for a month. Also, that a few weeks ago, I was planning on leaving on Tuesday. I'm not planning on doing that anymore, but I still have my moments. Like last week.
Last night, we went out to the campo, which was a real experience to say the least. It involved driving out to the middle of nowhere, finding a house, and then following a dirt and rock trail through the woods to this church, which was just built.
Welcome to the missions field. That's what I was expecting to see when I got here. The floor was dirt and they had only a guitar. No microphones, no sound systems, no piano, nothing. And yet, they worshipped anyway. *gasp* Shocking, I know.

This picture is something that just blew my mind-
This kitchen is outside. It's mostly improvised and is seperate from the house. It's amazing when you see how lucky we are in the States. This was one of those moments where I realized how blessed I was.

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