Monday, April 6, 2009

Things Of Note

I recommend reading this post by Mrs. Lemon. Because immaturity makes me chuckle, as does the comment that I left.

Is it bad that sometimes I make myself laugh?


Today, I realized that I am a moron.

I had a freak-out moment today. I'm already freaking out about my money, and then, when typing up another batch of fundraising letters to send out, I printed about twelve with the date January 24, 2009. From my first mailing. Oops.

I then had another freak-out moment when I couldn't find my account/project number to track my funds on the division's website.

I should probably look in obvious places.

Do you note the little "Proj" at the bottom left corner? On the most obvious place on earth. The actual donation form.
That's a little dumb of me.

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