Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Now Commend To The Earth..

I had an unfortunate loss tonight.

A few weeks ago, my Steve Madden stilettos showed signs of fatigue. A slight split at the left heel. I assumed it was benign.

This evening, at around 6:00 PM, I realized that the left stiletto had a small hole in the front of the shoe. Plans began to be made to undergo resuscitation attempts and procedures to allow the shoe to recuperate. However at around 7:35 PM, it became clear that the stiletto's case was terminal.

A temporary procedure was done, using Scotch tape, to alleviate any discomfort or tripping and falling to the wearer, and to prolong life until such measures could be taken to put the stiletto out of its misery.
The procedure was a success and all seemed to be well. Some even expected the stiletto to make a full recovery. However, at about 9:30 PM, the complete bottom of the stiletto detached from the shoe, leaving repair impossible.

Arrangements for a burial will be announced later on in the week. Please keep the closet residents in your thoughts. The Liz Claibornes and Doc Martens are taking it very hard.

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