Monday, February 23, 2009

What's In A Name? Oh yeah, A LOT!

I have a weird, contradictory pet peeve. It's about my name. Until I was in second grade, I went by the name Becky everywhere. Pretty much, if you met me before I was in second grade, you know me as Becky. If you know me from a church function, like camp, church, quizzing, or through a friend from church, you know me as Becky. Near the end of second grade, I was talking to the principal at my school, because he was good friends with my Grandma Ryan, as was most anyone in the city school system at that time, and he goes, "I was thinking the other day, does she go by Becky or Rebecca? I know you as Becky because of your grandma, but what do you go by?"

Well, Mr.Truman never stopped calling me Becky, but the next year, when I got to third grade, they went around and asked what we went by, when they called "Rebecca", I didn't correct them, and my name has had an extra syllable ever since, and anyone who dared call me Becky who did not know me before I went by my full name was sentenced to death. I go by Becca to my good friends at school, but not Becky. It drives me insane when people at school call me Becky.

Then entered the world of social networking. And people who kinda, sorta knew me at camp who would add me would start calling me Rebecca. That I didn't mind so much. I don't care so much when new people call me that. The thing that bugs me is when people who have known me since I was little call me Rebecca.

Case in point, I added the parents of one of my friends from quizzing this past month on Facebook. They haven't really seen me on a regular basis since I was 12 and quit quizzing. So, I added them on Facebook, and there, because that originally started as a school-only networking page, I am listed as Rebecca. So, they now call me Rebecca. And it makes me want to scream.

I don't know why, it just grates on my nerves to get messages like, "Hey, Rebecca" from people who have known me since I was Becky. But there's no way that I am going to put Becky as my name on Facebook, MySpace, or even Everyone's Apostolic, because that would drive me insane and the people from school would either call me Becky or laugh in my face.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else have name issues? What do I do?

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