Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm locked in the library at the moment. Mount Vernon High School is in lockdown to do drug searches with trained narcotic dogs. They're making us put our bookbags outside at the moment. More updates momentarily.

*8:56 AM*
Okay, librarians told us to line up the bags in a line in the library. That's nice. So apparently these dogs are coming in here. Dogs are coming in now. I have nothing to be scared of, but the whole thing creeps me out. The vice principal was just yelling at people to get into their classrooms. I love stupid people who use drugs. It's real nice of them to think of the rest of us.

*9:03 AM*
They just told us to take our bookbags out into the hallway. We went out through the emergency exit, dropped our bookbags off and came back into the library. I was less than thrilled about this because I had heard a bunch of barks a few seconds before that. Nice. Then some kid decided it would be a good idea to be a smart aleck to the head teacher conducting the search. "Mr.Frye, don't let them find my stuff, all right?" Way to be an idiot, dude. Not the time to make jokes.

*9:04 AM*
A kid didn't take his bookbag out to the hallway. That was fun. The library aide was calling for whoever left a bookbag, and nobody did. Mr.Frye flipped out. The kid took it out there. He had earphones in, so he didn't hear them. Good job. I should mention that I feel very CNN-esque at the moment. Breaking news and all. Also, like a little bit of a drama queen. Which I am. Watching out the library window for these dogs, even sure I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what they look like.

*9:13 AM*
Did I mention that we're not allowed out of our seats? Guess I'm not shelfing the bazillion books on the cart after the long weekend today.

*9:14 AM*
Dogs just went crazy outside the library in what sounds like the cafeteria. That means there's something in either one of the freshman lockers or in one of the bags from the library. Or from home ec, which wouldn't really surprise me. The bell's going to ring in two minutes, but my guess is that we aren't going anywhere. We've been officially in lockdown since 8:51. They gave a 7-minute grace period for anyone with narcotics to come forward.

*9:17 AM*
More loud barking. I'm pretty much certain they're in the cafeteria. There are coverings over the windows to the cafeteria, so unfortunately I can't see what's going on.

*9:20 AM*
More barking. I'm emailing with my dad, which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed. He says "Good times!" Not so much, actually. I officially have the heebiejeebies.

*9:22 AM*
The library volunteer made some donuts, which I said I was going to try after I shelved books. Darn it. I should have stayed in the office. There's a computer there, too. And donuts.

*9:25 AM*
Principal on overhead-"Teachers, I realize this is taking most of the period, but please hold onto your students even if the bell rings. We will inform you when you need to release them." So, the bell rings, and smart-aleck boy decides to get up and mess with the emergency exit and pretend to leave. The library volunteer went after him so fast, it wasn't funny. Actually, I laughed a little. She went off on him. He deserved it.

*9:26 AM*
We can get our bookbags and go. That's nice.

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