Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Dairy Queen Pay-Off

Some days, I just love being a blogger.

I am addicted to freebies, so please excuse this brief interruption for a commercial break

Dairy Queen has this deal that if you blog about the new menu and what you would do to try the meals for free. It kind of reminds me of the whole "what would you do for a Klondike bar?" thing.

So, featured on this menu are:

-A sundae
-A dipped cone (my favorite)
-A medium drink
-A thing of fries
-Or onion rings
-Hot dog

So, I unfortunately don't like all of those things, but I have friends who do. So why not?

Okay, so what would I do to try all of those things free?

I would come up with an ornate plan to take over the world using only plastic sporks and an army of lemurs. We would then erect a Dairy Queen on every street corner so that everyone could overindulge and wreck their New Year's resolution. Much like I am.

Okay, Dairy Queen. Please send me my gift card so I can indulge in way too much ice cream.

And now back to your previously scheduled programming.

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