Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too Much Random Crap For A Title

I got my first contribution check yesterday in the mail. I was about ecstatic. We are officially on a roll. Woot! And the letters haven't even gone out yet, people! I still haven't printed them off. Darn it.

I have, however, printed off my passport application. That contribution check will be paying for that passport and visa, thankyouverymuch. Now all I need to do is go get a picture that doesn't make me look fat. Which may be a challenge.

Speaking of my fatness, I am now successfully in week two of working out. I've actually stuck to it. Although I really hate fitness videos. They're all skinny people. All perky. All wearing *shudder* pink. Ew. And on this video, there's only one guy and he's old. Really old. Also, a stick thin woman who "just had a baby", and a girl who the star of the show says is "modifying the routine for less intensity". What she's really saying is, "Dude, you're a wimp." Also, after two weeks of the thirty minute, two mile walk, they say we're ready for the three mile walk. Yeah. We so aren't. The two mile kills us.

I also filled out my very first tax return and I'm getting money back. Woohoo! Now the question is do I spend it on Spanish books or clothes? Either way, it's going towards something that is going with me to Paraguay. I'm thinking splitsies will work. But who knows, really?

I'm getting plenty of teaching practice this week. Tonight, I worked with Rachol and Erica in Junior Youth helping them do their first five books of the bible. We're going to try to get them to know them all in order. They were out of control! But we did have fun, for the most part. Tomorrow, I'm doing an icebreaker lesson in the eighth grade language arts class, which I rather hate, thanks. The teacher is cool, but once again, the kids drive me insane. I'm dreading tomorrow a little bit.

Pray, saints, pray!

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