Thursday, December 18, 2008

My really, really long excuse for the week I didn't write anything...

This past week has been one of the busiest I’ve had in a long time. Maybe not so much the week as the weekend, because I honestly do not remember at all what I did last week, except for being sick one of the days…I think that was Tuesday, because I didn’t go to Extended Day Kindergarten (praise God). But anyway, I don’t know why exactly I was so busy during the week. I just was. Anyway, this weekend pretty much killed me.

On Friday, I got home from school and left directly from home to church to help with the kids’ Christmas program rehearsals. Let’s not even go into what happened on Friday. I was incredibly ticked off and…well, let’s just not go there.

Saturday, I didn’t even get to sleep in after my for-some-reason-long week, because I had a debate tournament and had to be at the school at seven, the same time as I’m usually getting on the bus for school any other day. We had to go to Gahanna for this tournament and let me just say that I felt like an extraordinarily big hick there. This school has a flipping taxodermed (which isn’t a word, but that’s okay) lion in the lobby. Yeah. A lion. As in Simba. Ca-rap. My dad texted me back “Well, you guys could get a taxodermed bee”. Somehow, a “real, live” (although it wouldn’t really be live, would it?) yellow jacket doesn’t seem to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. Which is why our football team has only won one game while I’ve been at the high school, ringing nostalgic of Rydell High.

So, I went and competed, having (extremely) low expectations for myself and actually came out doing pretty well for myself, although not great. They awarded first through sixth, and I came in seventh (of course), but in my opinion, they had a really crappy system of awarding points. Something about charts and speeches, and you can’t speak too much, and if you give two dinky speeches in your sireny voice that makes people want to punch you, then you can come in third, while the girl who has a semi-normal voice and four killer speeches comes in seventh. Also, if you yell you get sixth. Purely a hypothetical situation.

So, even though I didn't win anything, I still had to stay for the awards ceremony, slated to begin at 4 PM, but after saying "Give us 5 minutes, we're running late", they started at around 4:45. Come to find out, there were final rounds still going on when the awards were supposed to happen. So, I didn't win anything, but James and Corey took fifth in Public Forum, which is really good, considering that this is one of the largest tournaments that we have been to. but because the stupid award ceremony wasn't over until about 5, and we were scheduled to get back at 5, we didn't get back until a little after 6, meaning that I missed my brother and sister's Christmas program. I was ticked.

I did get to see it on Sunday though, and the video is all here. I love YouTube. Gabrielle was amazing at hitting her notes on Silent Night, Michael was an awesome Joseph, and I particularly like the exchange between Mary and Joseph-

"How can this happen? I don't understand. I need sometime to think about it."
"Oh. Okay, Joseph."

After that, I spent all afternoon, from 1-9, doing my stupid Teacher Academy PRAXIS stuff and the developmental profile of a fourteen year old. Here's (paraphrased) what the material I had said-

"Fourteen year olds are conceited, vain little brats who will most likely do drugs, participate in fornication, and go out and get drunk, and then they will resent their parents. But that's okay, because they're just trying to find themselves."

Can I just say one thing? I really have an issue with that being "okay" and if I have kids who think they have to go "find themselves"....well, I'm not sure what I would have to do, but it wouldn't be good.

Along with the many things that I have issues with today, this happy and cheery article was on the front of Yahoo! today. I honestly can't stand Obama, but really? Why is it that the guy has to pander to everyone for his inauguration? He's having an evangelical minister speak. So what? I'm by no means anti-gay,as I have several friends who are, but seriously. Obama's choosing of an evangelical minister is not degrading to the gays, for the love of all that is holy. Why is it that every group has to okay something before someone chooses to do something? Why does he have to circle what he does around who one group does and does not like? It's his presidency and not theirs. They need to chill.

And now, if you'll allow me to jump down from my soapbox, I need to go do something constructive. Like the Student Congress research that I'm supposed to be doing. Or finding some place that sells stuff for Hannukah.

I didn't mention that, did I? I'm doing Hannukah this year. And Christmas. Sure, it seems contradictory, but I have the weird addiction to Jewish culture and history and for some reason, this year I feel like going out and buying a menorah. Which I have to find soon, because it starts on Sunday. But, as I'm technically not Jewish, I have no idea where to find one. Maybe I could buy a dreidal, too. And sing.

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