Friday, December 19, 2008

Heat or Snow Miser

I'm still waiting (and getting rather irate about still waiting) to hear about Paraguay. I'm sending them another email today if I don't have a letter when I get home and I may scream.

Anyway, especially now, I keep wondering about how I'm going to deal with being away from my friends and family during my favorite time of the year. Our assignment for senior soc. was to look up different cultures and how they celebrate Christmas (or Hannukah, or Ramadan, etc.) It seemed only natural for me to look up Paraguay and I'm actually really excited about their customs, but that still doesn't keep me from being bummed about not being home then. The picture above, according to Flickr, is a flor de coco, which is the coconut tree flower, very common during the Christmas season there, or so I've read online.
This is a picture my dad took in November 2005. Yes, those are roses. In our backyard. Covered in snow and ice. Beautiful.
So, freezing cold temperatures, or a rainforest paradise during the holidays?
Hmmm....maybe this won't be so bad. I've done the whole Snow Miser Christmas for the past 18 years. It's only fair to give Heat Miser a chance.

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