Sunday, December 7, 2008

Girls' Day Out!

I haven't had a girls' day out in forever, and this weekend has been pretty much all about girliness. Carolyn, Alison, Brittany, Abby, and I all went into Columbus for some Christmas shopping and a ton of fun. I have pretty much everyone bought for now. I am most proud of Mistie and Rachel's presents.

I am especially proud because I HATE Jacob with a fiery passion and threw up a little in my mouth while buying Mistie's present. So I bought two Edward pins to balance it out (I have one like Rachel's).
Before going out and shopping, I spent the night at the Redmonds' with Alison. We had too much fun, too.
Yeah, it isn't supposed to make any sense. If you're not on MySpace, you won't understand the whole "Meaning Of..." thing. But that's okay. You can still appreciate the stupidity of myself while slap happy.

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