Thursday, December 4, 2008

CLEP Fever

I am trying desperately to find a way out of AP Spanish.

I need to know the language in order to go to Paraguay, but I can easily converse and understand people when they speak at a normal pace and am getting absolutely nothing out of the class. So, I am basically allowing my parents to pay ungodly amounts of money in order for me to sit in a class, feel stupid, and get blown off by a teacher that couldn't care less about my success, because my class is full of loud, obnoxious, snobby girls and one loud, obnoxious boy who plans to drop the class.

So, I'm currently trying to talk my parents into making a deal with me.

I will take the CLEP test, which will have a much greater benefit to me than the AP exam, and if I pass, I can drop AP Spanish at the semester's end. I looked at some sample questions for the CLEP-Spanish Language test, and it is a piece of pastel/torta.  I am pumped. I could have several credit hours and not have to leave AP Spanish crying every day because I hate it so flippin' much.

So, I decided to look at some of the other tests. I am hooked. There's one devoted to GRAMMAR! And English Lit. And American Lit. There are TWO for US History, which I spent a year on last year. Some of the sociology is common knowledge. I am beside myself. I didn't know such a wonderful world existed.

Pinch me.

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