Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm so not motivated to do anything today...

Today's the NHS induction ceremony, meaning study halls pretty much all day for me. Also, it's the county debate tournament which means "Hooray! Library time with bloginess for me!" during this period. Normally it would be, "Why don't you write your bill for the next tournament you're going to, you big slacker?", but I have two of the three bills done that I need to have done for Tuesday, and I lack inspiration as I have NEVER been able to present a bill. So I have three unused bills and still have to come up with more. There is nothing left for me to reform that I want to, care to, or know how to reform, people.

For example, I came up with an uninspired bill yesterday because I had to. I made a resolution to investigate a highly controversial industry. That is, of course, the dairy industry.

Yeah. Dairy. As in, I'm asking Congress to pretty much ban the drinking of milk. I didn't even know that fruit loops wanted that kind of thing passed. I went on to and they listed milk as one of their highest controversies, so I wrote a resolution for it. And it passed. Dear God, what is this world coming to.

Milk. Really?

Today is my last day at the placement at the preschool. Yesterday we went to the fire department, a trip which involved me flying off of the slide and being caught by a bee-yoo-tee-full fireman, you know, after I hit the floor. But that was okay. Except for my seriously wounded pride.

(Side note: currently there are two other guys from debate in the library, also unmotivated, and making pictures with symbols on Microsoft Word. So far they have made an arrow and a....umm...finger.)

Anyway, placements. I'm really sad to leave, but have an open invitation to come back whenever from my amazing mentor-teacher. I don't think doing this job for a year in Paraguay will bother me all that horribly. Plus, little kids don't talk great anyway, so they won't notice my atrocious Spanish, maybe. (And with that I hear a Jim Gaffigan-esque: "Oh, that's negative....she's anti-Spanish.")

Speaking of whom- I just realized (and this brings me great joy) that Jim Gaffigan was the actor in the Beard Combover commercial, which was my most favorite..ummm...EVER?!?! SWEET!

Do you see what happens when I don't have anything to do? And I wonder why people don't read my blog.

Speaking of Paraguay (several paragraph fragments ago), I have been (once again) emailing the missionaries, just letting them know what I've been doing and about the two letters I got from Foreign Missions in the past month, neither of which told me if I'm actually going or not. It would sure be nice if they'd light a fire under it so I know whether I'll be living slightly northeast or very far south of here next year. It's pretty unsettling when your future is a black hole. (I need an Alice right now).

And okay, weird. I typed in Alice Cullen for the link up there on Wikipedia and got some Scottish parliament member. Someone needs to read some Twilight. 'Kay thanks.

Anyway, I just figured out that MySpace has been unblocked at school so I'm going to go waste my time somewhere else. Maybe something will happen so I can have an actually substantial post within this week. Which hasn't happened in a while. Something like maybe a letter from Foreign Missions?

Yeah, that would be nice.

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