Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Heart Spanish!

'K, so riddle me this. What's better than highly funny children's books? Go on take your time.
Highly funny children's books....IN SPANISH!!!
O! M! Flippin' G! That is AY-MAZING! I definitely will have to stock up before I go to Paraguay. Christmas, anyone? Much more realistic than the laptop, I should say. I am so not kidding. I would be happy as a clam.
Here's the best part. Junie B.Jones Has A Peep In Her Pocket becomes.....
Heeheehee..."pio-pio"! I am so not kidding about these.
Not enough you say? Well how about Captain Underpants?
So yeah. That trip to Polaris was amazing. I also found such winners as (bonus points if you can identify the English children's book)
  1. Donde Viven Los Monstros (Not a direct translation/Interpreted)
  2. El Gato En El Sombrero
  3. Diez Pequenas Mariquitas
  4. Eres Mi Mama?
Note: There are no little squigglies or accent marks or upside down question marks because I don't have the motivation to put them in.
Polaris at Christmas= WIN

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