Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterday, Dad and I made the trek up to Playhouse Square in Cleveland to go see Legally Blonde. I love, love, love that movie and had seen the MTV presentation of it last year at Thanksgiving and have tracked it down online and watched it at least three times since. So, I finally got to see it live. Amazing and hilarious is all I have to say (Holla!)

Despite the disgusting, rainy, windy, and cold weather it was a great day (there were several umbrellas turned inside out on the streets). The actor playing Emmett was excessively steamy and was out in the lobby after the play, no more than 10 feet away from me. And I didn't get a picture of or with him. Stupid Muffin! But take my word for it, he was a smokin' hottie. He was no finely chiseled Simba (that I know of), but smokin' none the less.
Because you didn't get to see the show, like me, here's a clip from the MTV version. (Dad, feel free to correct Emmett's line.) He definitely didn't say "represent" and it was MUCH funnier.
This would be the screen in front of the stage before the show started. You had better like it, because one of the ushers warned me not to take pictures DURING the show when it was about 5 minutes before they even started. (I didn't take any, just to put your minds at ease.)

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