Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weighing Going Global

So, here's what has become of me being within days of sending out my AIM application. I was sitting in my class this afternoon, studying the psychology and development of 5-year-olds and it was so sinfully boring (because of my group) that I was imagining what my class is going to be like in a year. Which is a really weird, jumping-the-gun kind of thing to be thinking about because I haven't even been accepted yet. So I'm sitting in that class and Spanish (usually in this class, a feeling of 'oh-dear-God-I-can-barely-understand- what- the- SIMULATED- people- are-saying-how-am-I-going-to-teach-a-bunch- of- children- still -developing- their- language-skills?!?!' sweeps over me rather than the pleasant day dream.)

So, anyway, I keep thinking of my fourth grade teacher. She was also from a foreign country---Alaska. Anyway, this teacher was awesome. Possibly the greatest fourth-grade-teacher ever. So, around major holidays she would always share her traditions and things from Alaska, like at Christmas, and incorporate them in her lessons. Now, I have no idea what traditions Paraguay has at Christmas and I have a feeling that I would end up insulting some poor kindergartener's intelligence and having them cry and then getting deported 2 months in to my year-stint. But it was fun to think of, anyway.

And then I remembered that their school year is from February to November. I wouldn't celebrate Christmas in the classroom. Smooth.

On a different note, I let the Hren borrow the DVD about the school. She took it home over the long weekend, watched it, and was gushing about it all day today. "Do you need reference letters?" "Do you need help with ANYTHING?!?!" She thought it was the most amazing thing ever. And the Hren would know, the great world traveler that she is.She's been to every continenet except for Antarctica and Australia. Which she is saving.She's met Mother Teresa and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Also, King Hussein of Jordan. And Winnie Mandela. That's quite a resume. If you can impress her with your travel ideas, you're in good shape.

The awe seems to be the general concensus with my teachers. Sra. Tuel, from last year couldn't believe that I had ANY hesitation about going. "Rebecca," she says, "It's little kids and Spanish, both of which you love! Why would you not go?"

"How do you know I love Spanish, Sra.Tuel?"

"Me humor, Chica!"

And she's right of course. I do love kids and I do love Spanish, even though I don't think I'm all that good at at it 80% of the time. Even though my grades tell me that I get it right about 85-90% of the time. So, this really does make sense.


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