Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the Bloggy War Path

I think I need to control my rage before commenting on other peoples' blogs.

This lady was talking about how horrible Palin is because she's a woman and (supposedly) biblically, women can't lead a nation. (Also, in a previous post, Deborah was refuted as an exception for this. Don't ask me why.)

Now, she's entitled to her opinion, but so am I. So I opened fire on this blog. The first part is in response to a comment on the post, so you can ignore that if you want. Also, men reading this blog, I'm not trying to degrade you in any way on this blog, and that was just a (valid) observation. Take no offense. It's not your fault that our country is in a downward spiral.

This will be the first election I’m able to vote in, and honestly, I think that some of the comments I’ve been reading are simply ridiculous.

Why isn’t it okay for a mother to work outside of the home? I’m a conservative Christian, and I have NEVER understood the idea that a woman who works can’t be a mom, too. Now, my mom stays at home, and my brother is home schooled, so I’m the only child who has been out in public schools. I love having my mother at home, but honestly, if she wanted to go and work, too, that would be great. Just because she would have a job doesn’t mean she would be neglecting her children. I know plenty of absolutely wonderful Christian mothers who work full time jobs and their children turn out great. But that’s enough of that.

As for Palin, I find her remarkable. Maybe you don’t agree with her stance on sex ed or the make-up of a family. Good for you. But the point is that those are things that are pertinent to our country right now. It does’t matter if you agree with her or not, there are still problems that need to be resolved regarding homosexuals and kids having sex. Just because we don’t agree with them, doesn’t mean that kids are going to stop having sex or homosexuals are going to stop wanting rights. She’s not running away from the issue , she’s providing realistic solutions. Which is an important trait to have in politics.

Also, being a “self-proclaimed feminist” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for everyone. For some reason there is a stereotype out there that all feminists want to overthrow men, hold hands,and sing “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” while burning their unmentionables. But for some people, it just means that they want to stand up for themselves and have a chance to have their say in what’s going on in politics. What better way than to go to the White House? Maybe that’s what we need. Because you seem to think that our country is in decline, maybe you should consider the fact that men having been leading the country while all that decline has been going on. Maybe we need new perspective and have more than just white men deciding what’s best for the country.
So, now, let me close with this little gem-

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