Monday, September 8, 2008

I Are A Collidge Stoodent

Did I mention that I'm taking a few classes at the local college here? I have my application on the table and, because I'm in high school still, the state is paying for me to go. Oh joy and gladness!

So, right now I'm looking at taking two classes this fall and at least one this winter. I think I'm going to take Ethics and Basic Principles of Business this quarter. Then, next quarter, I'm thinking about Business Law and maybe Intro to Algebra or Basic Mathematics (because a monkey is better at math than I am).

I'm extremely excited, because I already have one credit from last year, am taking another Kenyon class this year, and will have some education credits this year, too. I'm trying to stock up on all of them that I can get, just in case I have to put off college for a year to go overseas.

On a completely different note, this is how you know that your education class is full of dorky cheerleaders-

We're talking about tortured artists and someone brings up Vincent Van Gogh, who many of you know cut off his own ear. So, a girl in our class hears "cut off his ear" and says, "Who cut off his ear?"
"Vincent Van Gogh."
"Doesn't he go to Clear Fork?"

Of course he does.

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