Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm All Girly and Stuff

I just experienced an "Ahhh...crap" moment.

I was reading my cousin's blog and she and my aunt are in great celebration over my transformation over the summer. It's kind of tragic in a way for me.

When I was younger, there was this girl that I was friends with at church who was the biggest tomboy ever. Seriously, I still remember literally gasping when I saw Bath and Body body splash at her house all of the sudden.

"L!", I said, cleverly masking her name to protect her identity, knowing that I would use it on a blog someday even though blogs weren't invented yet, "You're turning into a GIRL!"

So, now L is one of the girliest people I know, within reason. She's all about the flourescent shiny patent leather stillettos and her clothes make me so envious that I'm not that skinny because she dresses awesome. I wouldn't mind inheriting that trait of becoming girly.

So, similarly, the women of my family were appalled at my non-girlishness. (It's okay, Tiff and Aunt Julie. You can admit it.) They sought to intervene to no avail as I whined, "Oh, dear GOD! $5 for a thing of hairspray?!?!" Yeah. The $5 hairspray thing is still something that I can't justify. I did, however, about get a blessing and do a glory dance in the middle of the Kroger cosmetics and hair aisle when I saw Aussie products 3 for $10. I snatched my favorite $3.33 hairspray up and grabbed some Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner for good measure. (Just a note for you Pentecostal ladies out there- that stuff has to be straight from the Big Guy himself. I have all three of those products and they are WONDERFUL) And while I still won't spend $5 on hairspray, I will spend $6.38 on this wonderful thing. Anything with Champagne and Diamond extracts HAS to be great. And it is. Other girly things that I've become addicted to are- None of Your Frizzness leave-in creme from Herbal Essences,  Captivating Curls leave-in creme from Sunsilk, and this All-That Hair Dryer (Which, may I add, I got because it was $8 and cheap and it is AWESOME).

So, because I have now done an entire post about hair products, which was UNTHINKABLE a year ago, it is safe to say that "Oh-Em-GEE! I'm turning into a GIRL!!"

It's okay, Aunt Julie and Tiffany. You can gloat below in the comments.

Other Awesome Stuff That You Should Try (I should get royalties for this post):
Aussie Conditioning Shine Spray
Aussie Sprunch
Aussie Moist 2-in-1
Aussie Aussome Volum Styling Gel
Herbal Essences Break's Over
Herbal Essences Drama Clean
Sunsilk Products: Thermashine, Waves of Envy, Straight To Perfection
TRESemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray
Revlon Amber Waves Dual Edge Straightener

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