Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As my aunts and cousin rejoice....

Shall we rewind about a year?

I went to the store with my Aunt Julie, Aunt Kim, and Tiffany, and they tried to get me to buy hair products. My response was such-
"$4 for shampoo? Are you kidding me?"
"Do I really need an ionic blowdryer?"

Today was just sad. Have a look at the damage I did today-Yes, readers. There are, in this photo, 3 Aussie products, 4 body sprays, a bottle of Liz Claiborne Curve, Heat Protection Spray, Nail Polish remover, a blowdryer (ionic), and a manicure set. There are also two Cato shirts. And yes, miracle of miracles, one of them is hot pink. HOT! PINK!

Pink, I tell you!
Let's start with the silky shirt, though. It has capped sleeves, so it will have a yet-unpurchased shirt under it. It's silky and shiny and makes me look really good.
This is pink. I could not pass it up. It hides the right stuff and makes me look gorgeous. I love, love, LOVE this shirt.

And yet, the best buy of the day.
These are STILETTOS, people. I have never owned a pair with heels this big. And they are so cute.
With 3-inch heels, they kinda had to be, though. But wait! There's more.

These are STEVE MADDEN stilettos! Those things are like, $70-80. Mine were $4. And they are real! See? Here's the brand!Once again, I love thrift stores!

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