Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I just woke up

I slept for 12 hours last night.

It was wonderful. I don't think I've done that all summer.

I got home from work last night around 8, and was absolutely exhausted. Because my parents had a bible study last night, and I wanted to know what happened, I decided to stay up. Ha! Funny. I watched a few episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway (always funny), and then got on my computer to IM or play a game or something. It was being dumb so I went to restart it. Bad move. I was out before the computer came up with the "Welcome" screen. I woke up briefly to find my brother and sister trying to wake me up and tell me that they had seen horsies and puppies, but was pretty much incoherent through it all. I also remember Mom saying something about a great view or something. And I remember, vaguely, my brother falling asleep on the other couch and my mom woke him up to go upstairs. Then I went to my own bed at about 3. And woke up at 10.

I so needed that, too.

I had a weird day yesterday. It took me three people at Kroger to find plastic sandwich bags. None of them knew where they were. It took 15 minutes. Poor Megan was stuck at work while I went and got them (we need them for deposits). It was horrible. I also spilled many things. I spilled a chocolate-hazelnut-caramel mixture, and then a big thing of Dutch Chocolate Fudge coffee, and Hazelnut. I didn't get out of there until 7:35 because of all of that. I usually get out at 7:10-7:15.

Today's my day off. I think I'm going to clean my room (it needs it) and pack some stuff up for next week.

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