Monday, July 21, 2008


I am currently in Columbus,OH, at my aunt's house until Thursday afternoon. I am having a wonderful vacation, courtesy of the Knox County Fair which has closed Java Hut half way through the day, doing away with my shift for the week. I am burned like a lobster, as the first day this summer that I forgot my sunscreen, I fell asleep in the chair by the pool in the 90 degree weather. Niiiice, Muffin. But I did have a nice day swimming all afternoon. I also babysat my two cousins for a few hours tonight so my aunt and uncle could go out for their anniversary.

Tomorrow, my aunt and I are going to Easton Town Center and paying homage to the mighty Cheesecake Factory. Also Bath and Body Works.

Wednesday, we are going to the zoo.

Thursday, I'm going home and will try to help at the fair a little bit.

Friday is my very first college visit at Kent State.

And Saturday, I'm going to COSI with Mistie to see to CSI exhibit (what time are we doing that, anyway? Call/text me.)

Well, now off to watch a chick flick with my aunt, as is vacation tradition.

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