Monday, June 23, 2008

This Having A Job Stuff Ruins My Bloggy Presence.....

Dear God almighty! It should NOT be a normal occurance to have 4 days with the absence of my mediocre blogging. Not that you guys are in love with the blog and care. It just feels weird.

Readers Digest version of my weekend-
Way too early morning shift; Bible Quiz Finals;Dinner at Damon's; late night TV complete with Pepperidge Farm cookies; ballet flats died and thrown away; Garrett's birthday Saturday; Toledo won at Finals; being timer at a quiz is God-awful boring; dinner at Cracker Barrel and lengthy discussion about WW2; breaking to Janica that I am not in the in-crowd (she assured me that I'm cool anyway);best friend's graduation party; my cousin, whom she is going out with, is a jerk;my hair was really cute last night.

There may be some in-depth explanatory blogs on some of that, but it's not likely.

Senior Mentor orientation/training session today. Rachel and I had the opportunity to drool over ESIG for 4 hours.

Jesus loves me.

Long story about the droolage. One which is not blogworthy, in my opinion. Okay, blogworthy, yes, appreciated by many, no.

In short, the session concluded with the following discussion-

"He's such a hottie."
"Trust me. I know."
"No. You don't even understand. He's stinking HOT."
"I know."
"You aren't kidding."

We got so much out of those stupid break-out sessions.

Oh. Also, someone approached me today and asked the following.
"Hey, do you know Mr.X?"

Are you kidding? Is he following me to SCHOOL now?

"Yeah, we went out for a while."
"Oh. Well he's in Key Club with me and asked if I knew you. He seems really quiet."
"He is until he knows you better. Then he won't shut up."

Why can't he just go away?

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