Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer So Far

Well, how my first day of summer vacation went depends on how you define "good" and what part of the day you're looking at.

I made lots in tips yesterday. And then some crotchety old woman came through, said her iced coffee tasted funny, wouldn't give me a reason why exactly it tasted funny, and demanded a refund so that she could go to Starbucks across the parking lot. I had never dealt with a refund before, so thank God my boss called later on and told me to take the tips which I had used to refund her out of the cash register and put a note in saying why it was short. Apparently you aren't supposed to pay for the refunds of crotchety old ladies out of your tips. You're just supposed to leave a note saying that there was a refund, which made it short. Boo, old lady. Boo!

However, directly after she went through, a really cute guy came through and gave me a tip. It was all good.

Rachel came over after work and I bought ice cream with my newly cashed first paycheck. Okay, actually I paid for it out of my tips, but is that really important? So we watched 27 Dresses and she stayed over.

I also had to babysit next door yesterday....okay, scratch that, I was supposed to be babysitting. My junior was home from college and since I hadn't seen her since she left, I got to hang out with her. Her dad told me when I got there that she was there and I could stay if I wanted in case Rachel (my junior) wanted to go out with friends or whatever. I told them that they didn't have to pay me, but they did anyway.I essentially got paid to hang out. How cool is that.

So, on a grading scale, I would rate my first day of summer a B. A solid B teetering on a B-. At least I have 12 weeks to pull that up.


Carolyn said...

What was that? Oh yeah...."that's OK,she's older than I am. She'll die before me anyway." Boo crotchety old lady. LOL

Jewel said...

You are so funny! I just watched 27 Dresses over the weekend. It was sooo good! I loved the part at the end where they were on the boat/pier and after she made her little speechy thingy to HIM, he looked at her and said, "Get over here...." (be still my heart) *swooning here* I know, I know, I'm pathetic!