Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Friend-Family Collision

I have two basic groups of people who are very important in my life. I have my family and I have my friends. Usually they are pretty separate, with the exception of Mistie, who is in both categories, being my cousin and best friend. The groups interact but very rarely do they collide.

It's fun watching the collision.

About a month ago, a good friend of mine met one of my cousins at a youth rally. She saw him and recognized him from camp, but this time was very taken by him. She had never really noticed him before, but something made her notice him this time. She told me and after I laughed hysterically (all in love, of course), I talked to him. He asked about her, and she had added him to her MySpace earlier that day. They ended up instant messaging and since then have talked nearly every day. I got online today to check MySpace and read one of his bulletins and he talked about her. A lot. In the bulletin. It was funny to read that. Later tonight, they were both on messenger and were talking to me. They were both relaying snippets of the conversation to me. So much so, that after a while we just opened up a 3-way chat message. It was quite fun.

For example:

Me: um? taco bell? moldy beef? am i missing something?
Her: idk because i think they poisoned it
Him: yes
Her: yes u are becky lol
Him: lol
Her: it was the 1 am chat lol
Him: just for you
Me: you guys are dorks
Her: i know haha
Him: why thank you
Me: i don't claim the genetic material i share with you
Her: well one of thems related to u so hes prob a um bigger dork lol jk jk
Her: totally kidding haha
Him: idk...her side of the family is pretty out there
Her: yeah kinda scary
Me: and yours isn't?
Her: lol
Him: no, not really
Her: this is entertainment haha
Him: well kinda
Her: forget the drama tv haha
Me: do we go to the same thanksgivings?
Him: i know really...

Which progressed to....

Him: ur mom
Him : hahaha
Me : hey. don't be hatin. i are a collidge stoodint
Him : jkj
Him : jk
Him: lol
Me: lol
Her : your dad lol
Me : your grandma
Her : your shoelace
Him: most likely
Him : eww
Him : haha
Me : that's my aunt, in case you forgot....hahhahaha(inside joke. don't ask. it's a really weird and complex story that isn't worth blogging)
Her : lol
Him : no...im talking about great granda dummy
Me : ooooh
Her: your dead bird on your front porch becky
Him : lol
Him : where did that come from
Him : ?
Me : the dead cat on my lab table at school, (friend's name here)
Her : idk lol
Her : it was inspired by me lol
Him : CATS!!!!
Her : ewe lol
Him : on your FACE!!!
Her: i had to do mine today
Me : don't ask. brain waves between friends merge after 17 years of friendship.
Her : it smells so bad
Me : i know!
Her : lol
Him : eww

And when you thought it couldn't get more immature.....

Her : well i am naming a kid after u lol
Me: beckifer!!!
Him : who?
Her: beckifer lol
Her : becky
Him: lol
Him: haha
Me: lol
Her : dont ask lol
Me: long story
Her : and dont u tell becky lol
Him : you might as well call it DURR FACE
Her : i will hurt u
Her: LOL
Me: didn't we think of that at the zoo?
Her : i think so
Me: no, (cousin's name), that's you
Her: i miss that night it was fun
Him : then that leaves you with monkey poop
Her: haha
Me : i'll take durr face, thanks
Him : ok
Him : sweet
Him : haha
Me : that means you're monkey poop
Him : aww nuts
Me : i'm sorry. monkey FECES
Her : why are we talking about poop?

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