Friday, April 25, 2008

Youth Cookout

It was pure, unadulterated awesomeness in a can. Maybe not in a can, but still, amazing aweomeness. It was way too hot for a bonfire, but we dealt with the scorching heat and some of the people who were working on the food bank came over and ate smoked sausages, hot dogs, and a plethora of junk food. We even had a guest who thought she would try to chug a leftover bottle of Coke (she threw up in the grass, but laughed about it. At least she had a good attitude) There were also those who came over just because they were begged, pleaded, cried to, and dragged over by their nieces (I love you, Aunt Julie!) and a lot of people just chilled and had a blast in the ridiculous 80 + degree weather. It was supposed to storm all afternoon and evening, but at least it's held off so far. And we got to have our amazing cookout.
Alison apparently loved the hot dog. I have yet to understand what is so appealing about those disgusting food items. I mean, was someone just looking at a random cow one day and said, "Hmmm...when we butcher this, I'll bet that the leftovers will make a tasty treat!" Ew.
For some reason, we ended up playing in the field and looking at the stars. And doing crazy things like picking people up. We definitely know how to use our time constructively. Poor Sis.Redmond. We had already corrupted Alison and now Janica is chilling with us. I feel kind of bad, corrupting all of the younglings....oh wait....I'm over it now....It's all good.
I have learned to just not ask what my friends are doing anymore. It only leads to confusion and a world of pain and suffering. It's kind of scary also.
So, when Dawn took this picture, I thought it was going to end up really cute. I didn't even check it because I knew that it was going to be so cute. And then I saw it and realized that Alison's face is stuffed with marshmallows. How beautiful and ladylike.
And in conclusion, and testimony to our civilization and existance as well-brought up teenagers, whom our parents would be SO proud of, Larissa and Alison decided to have a contest to see who could fit more marshamallows in their mouth.

Alison won.

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