Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Writing Room

Currently, my laptop is sitting on a chair in my dad's office while I sit on the floor. Rachel is sitting at Dad's new laptop. She came over at around 6:30 because her computer crashed, and she, like me, has a term paper due in KAP American History on Thursday. She was freaking out until I told her she could come over and work on it here. This is the first break I have taken from writing and researching since about 5:00. I am now halfway through my seventh page of my 8-10 page paper. I think I'm going to go over, because Dad is doing an analysis of the sum awarded to the victims of the shootings and the families of the deceased from Kent.

My bum is numb. (Yay for rhymes!) And everything is funny right now because the constant staring at the computer monitor is frying my brain. We discovered about 15 minutes ago that the word "synonym" is funny, because Rachel can't pronounce it and keeps saying "cinnamon". It's hilarious.

But, my paper is almost done. And it rocks.

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Carolyn said...

syno-nim-i-nim-i-nim! lol! :)