Sunday, April 20, 2008


Letters are something weird to me. Not crazy weird, but special weird. They have a way of taking you back. No matter what has gone on, no matter how long it's been, they captivate a feeling, an emotion, that you can't shake no matter what. It's not the same emotion always as originally conveyed, and it's not a strong, but it's still there.

To put up the pictures of the mob yesterday, I had to email them from the living room to my laptop because my laptop wouldn't let me load the pictures, because apparently there's some software I don't have. The easiest way to do that was through my dad's email account. I sent them, and just out of curiosity, I clicked on the "Sent" section. (Note: I wasn't snooping. I knew what was there. Bear with me.)

I didn't have my own email until maybe 2 years ago. I had a roadrunner account that was in a shared inbox with my parents. Yeah. That was fun. My parents knew that I had been asked out before I did. And that I had gotten dumped before I knew. The first time I got dumped that is. But I digress.

After Mr.X dumped me the first time, he realized he had made a horrible mistake. Who could blame him? There are few out there better than me (which is why I am terminally single). But that's not the point. Less than a day after he dumped me (on the day of the Valentine's Banquet) he realized that he had made a terrible mistake and sent me and email, that was in the inbox after I got home from the Olive Garden for my very first "Woe-is-the-Muffin-Mr.X-is-a-lying-lowdown-crapweasel" dinner. He begged for forgiveness and never did tell me why he was going to dump me (and in a later phone conversation told me that he probably would never tell me unless we eventually got married.) and asked for me to take him back. I, being the 14-year-old, sappy, pseudoromantic (idiot) that I was, was ready to immediately press reply and go sobbing back into his open cyber-arms. (For those of you who are just joining us, I promise that I didn't meet this guy online. I grew up at camp with him and we just lived 2 hours away. Long distance early teen relationships never last.) But my parents in all of their omniscience made me wait a month. To make him clear his mind, make sure he wanted me back for real, and to tell his parents that he was going out with me (which he hadn't before, which irked me MAJORLY).

We waited that month and he still did want me back. And so he emailed me, lots, over the next week. While my parents deliberated on whether I was allowed to go back with him or not. I was at my aunt's for spring break, and because I didn't have access to RoadRunner there, I used my dad's Yahoo! account. (See, I told you there was a point to my snoopiness) And told him that they said it was okay. And there are still excessive lovey-dovey notes in that sent box, where I sent my replies and you can read his original messages.

I got over Mr.X a long time ago, obviously. I like someone new, and have liked probably 2 guys seriously since him. He's had a ton of girlfriends, as I've whined about before, and I've had no boyfriends since him, which is probably why I'm so bitter and cynical and well on my way to being that old, grouchy lady who throws stones at passing neighborhood children as they merrily make their way to school and sings to her cats. However, there's still something fun about reading those letters.

I can remember vividly sitting in my Aunt Faith's basement reading those letters and typing my replies, and being so excited that a boy liked me. I grinned from ear to ear whenever I saw that email address in my inbox, or whenever a letter came in the mail from him. I think that's probably what I really miss. I don't miss that relationship at all. Let's be honest, he was a real jerk. What I really miss is the Friday night phone call and checking my email, waiting for something worthwhile.

Sounds like you better get to work on that homework Missy!! LOL
That is
one lucky thing, I didn't have homework over break. I hate when teachers assign
homework when there is a break.
Yes I saw Shark Tale with my nephew when I
stayed with him last week. It is very cute and funny. I have to agree though Bob
the builder is ...stupid.
There dog sound cute. I love dogs! Well, really I
love all animals.
I can see your not a football player as well. I'm not
really any sports player. I guess you could say I'm not a 'normal' guy. I only
like soccer, volleyball, and basketball. But I never really get the chance to
play any.
Hey, being that we are working two differ things at camp do you
think we will have any time together really? I mean I think we probably will.
But I don't know what the cleaning schedule is like. But If I''m working
concesions and you not working clean up I guess we could just talk through a
window. LOL
I CAN'T WAIT TILL CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was going
crazy tellin' my bestfriend I GET TO SPEND 5 WEEKS WITH THE MUFFIN!!!!!!!
They're just like 'ok Mr.X calm down' My friends think I am a freak. Which, i I am just very wild. I know I just keep typing away about nothing
really but I can't stop. Just every time I get an e-mail from you or write you I
feel good inside and accepted.
I understand you 110% about you dad
humilating you! My dad does it all the time. My mom does sometimes. Sunday my
dad asked me if I wanted to call in the attendance since I called it in every
other week. My mom is just like "Why, you think The Muffin is going to answer?"
I just gave her a look. But oh well. I am really close to my mom.
Did you
get the e-mail I sent you of a picture of me? Or is that one that got sent back
to me? I don't know!!!
Today my mom had school and so I had to take my key
to school. I remebered my key but when I went on my paper route I locked myself
out. So I was stuck outisde for a half hour till my dad got home!!! I am
....dingy! lol
Well I'll let you go....
Truely yours,

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