Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Over With (Thank God)

As of about 3 hours ago, my KAP History research paper has officially been turned in. Meaning, unless I am a horrible plagerist (I'm not, I promise. Lots of footnoted and cited quotes, but no plagerism) I will not get a zero.

My paper, which was supposed to be anywhere from 8-10 pages long, weighed in at 11.5 pages, plus cover sheet, plus sources used page. And it's in a spiffy report cover.

Because the paper was a success (I hope. We'll wait until the final grade comes in.) I brought chocolate for my lunch table and we partied. Sam apparently loves Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate. He stole everyone's share of it (I brought a big bar of it). And also a truffle. Those truffles are like crack, I swear. Nikki stole 8.

I still have half a bag of Hershey Dark Chocolate Truffles left, so I'm going to share with the English class next period. We're doing "Death of a Salesman".

You need chocolate to deal with that kind of thing.

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