Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Being A Friend Pays Off.....

Author's Note: I must warn you if you are very conservative or easily offended, please don't read this blog. Just pass right by. No, it's nothing dirty or bad. It's just something that some of you might gasp at. Or cheer. I don't really know. Anyway. You've been warned.

So, next week, I get to repay a few of my friends who suffered through my horrendous jitterbug dance and singing in Munchkinland a last year. This year, the school is putting on a Midsummer Night's Dream. Nikki is playing a fairy and Sam is playing Puck, so I kind of have to do the friend thing and go see them. I have no doubt that they will do a great job, plus I like Midsummer Night's Dream.

Rachel is also friends with Nikki and we were discussing the play on the bus today.

A little background info. Rachel and I have this mutual attraction to this guy, who is in my theater and English classes, and her Spanish class, whom we will call Extremely Steamy Italian Guy. Actually, his name from now on shall be Esig. As in the intials of Extremely Steamy Itailian Guy. We frequently discuss our extreme attraction to Esig on the bus. Today's topic was his amazing curly locks and velvety smooth voice. Seriously. His voice is amazing. We've been reading Death of a Salesman, which is EXTREMELY weird and hard to follow, but when Esig does the voice of Biff, who says probably half of the lines, you suddenly take a serious interest in the plot line. Also, Rachel enjoys that he sits in front of her and the tag on his shirt always sticks out, which annoys her, and she MUST tuck it back in.

Anyway, those of you who have seen MSND on stage or on film, know that the part of Oberon is a very manly, Adonis-like role. As in, there is rarely a shirt to be seen on the part of Oberon. Well, because Puck is wearing a vest over bare chest (which Sam doesn't like because, in his opinion, he's chubby. I smacked him for that statement. And then told him to shut up and eat his cookie. His calorie-filled cookie. Which he gave to me. I love guilt.) we can only imagine that this year's production of MSND will be no different than any other dramatic performance.

It just so happens that Esig is a theatrical genius. A very dreamy theatrical genius. Who landed the part of Oberon.

Be still my heart.

Rachel was aware of this fact. She asked me, "So, wanna go see Midsummer Night's Dream?"

"Just so we can support Nikki and Sam, right?"

"Oh yes. NO other reason WHATSOEVER."

"Of course. We're just responsible, wonderful, caring, supporting, nurturing friends."

"Yes. And of course..if Esig just happens to be shirtless Oberon, we are just being rewarded for our good friendship."

"Well, I definitely won't make you suffer through THAT alone."

After all. Who am I to abandon a friend in need? She may swoon and hit her head on the theater floor and then wouldn't I feel like a crummy friend?

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