Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My blond streak is showing....

Yes people. Those are my feet. And two shoes. Different colored shoes. Not even SIMILARLY colored shoes.

I rushed out the door today and apparently one of my red shoes was lying by my black pair.

So I walked along, unaware, going to a Student Advisory Board meeting ( no wonder the principal looked at me weird) and then I happened to look at my feet.

There is a reflex that my Freshman health teacher taught us about. She called it the "oh crap" reflex where you realize something is miserably wrong and you just are frozen for a moment. As I was recovering and assessing this situation, my friend, Veronica, came up to me and asked if I was aware that I had two different shoes. I said-

"Yeah. I couldn't decide which to wear today, so I decided to wear both!"

She actually believed me and congratulated me on my freeness.



the lizness said...

that is freedom. what do those people care at school anyways? they dye their hair weird colors.

Carolyn said...

.....then did you tell her you have a pair just like them @ home? hahaha (NERR!)

NinjaJohn said...

Great recovery, now only if you tried to sell it, instead of accidentally pulling it off.