Monday, March 3, 2008

Live-Blogging From Kenyon

Just a short post to clear my mind of too many facts about the Kent State Shootings and Flower Power.

I'm here in the library at one of the supposedly most haunted places in Ohio. Creepy. Seriously, when the bus drove up the hill to get onto campus I think the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, no lie. That may be because of the altitude, but I like to think it's ghosts, so humor me.

I'm knee deep in a ridiculous number of resources, including 5 books, and 3 articles that are on my desktop presently. I got my official Kenyon College library card today, and have made quite good use of it, despite getting lost in this humongous geek mecca. It's seriously amazing. I less than three it.

So, I should probably make good use of the 2 1/2 hours I have left here to research. But blogging is so fun!!

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Carolyn said...

U no fasty bloggy? As you can see, neither have anyway. oops. lol

And yes, Kenyon can be very creepy. Try walking around campus at night (been there, done that...not alone, mind you! Never with anything less than a whole slew of friends to accompany me!) Been to the Red Door Cafe? That place was kinda cool... We also checked out the chapel with the massive (yet somewhat eerie) ginormous pipe organ. Cool.