Monday, March 31, 2008

I promise!

When I get home tonight I will tell you about how great DC was. I have been too busy throwing up, getting lost in the hood, and passing out doorhangers over the past couple days to post anything other than my pictures being put on MySpace.

I promise, there will be great stories such as Mo calling some poor woman on the Metro an old grandma, the chinese restaurant where there were no working faucets, and my having to verify that I was indeed going through the Metro with Tonya because she wouldn't wait for me.

That being said, I have to go have a pity party because in about 20 minutes, my spring break will be over and I will have to get on the bus. This is quite unfortunate. But, 2 months from today I will be done with my junior year and off to camp and other great things for three months. I will also go to Cedar Point a few days before school is over. And this year I AM going to ride the Millennium Force. And drag Ratchol with me. Because she tricked me into going on the Gemini last year, when the biggest rollercoaster I had gone on up until then was a few hours before with John, Mistie, and Garrett and it was incredibly wimpy. So, yeah. She's going to pay.

But, the point of this story was not that she will pay. It is that you WILL get a story. After school. Today.

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