Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things I'm Actually Semi-Legal For.....

The NHS here is doing their annual blood drive this week and next week. Usually they do it later, but for some reason, this year the shortage of blood is greater or something and they moved it to February. I am terrified of the idea of someone sticking a huge needle in my arm but will probably end up doing it anyway, because for once, as long as I have parental consent, I can donate because I'm 17. According to the cheaply made commercial that our school did (seriously, it involved an oversized paper tooth and "Buddy Blood Drop" fainting. It was, in Alison's words, cornier than corn.), this makes Buddy Blood Drop happy. And not faint.
*rolls eyes*

Good for me for being a good citizen.


the lizness said...

I donate blood! that is, when I'm not pregnant. It's really not that bad. The first time is a little scary, but you will get over it. Squeeze the little ball or towel they give you, it makes it work faster.

Carolyn said...

I agree with Liz....and then drink some OJ before you sit up so you don't get woozy. Or eat a sucker or something. :) Works for me.