Sunday, January 20, 2008

Worst-Case-Scenario Kind of Morning

So, this week keeps taking odd turns, doesn't it?

So, I almost had the courage to ask the person about going to the banquet with me as friends. I talked to his mom and made sure the whole thing was ok with her, and she seemed to think it was okay. She even asked, "Do you want me to ask him and give him the heads up?"

I was filled with great joy and love for her. But non-chalantly said, "Yeah, I guess that would be cool, you know, if you seem him before I do." Maybe not those exact words, but something like that.

A great load has been lifted from me. Yippee.

But, anyway, before I had said conversation, the most inprobable thing happenned. Yes, people. I walked out of the kitchen from the sunday school meeting and who do you think was standing there?


I kid you not.

Do you realize the severe unlikelyhood of such an occurance? He lives 2 HOURS away! For the love of Bob.

This was greatly distressing, as I am attempting to muster great amounts of courage anyway, and here is this guy who I liked for 9 years. Of course, I'm a drama queen, so I stressed more than the average person. But wouldn't you flip out, too?


1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Drama queen???? No! Not you! Never! You must be mistaking yourself with your evil twin....the australian who CAN dance!!! lol :)