Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things I Am Wondering On This Snowy Morning

  1. How the muffin you guys have never heard of Heath Ledger. Seriously. Have you not watched 10 Things I Hate About You? Or Knight's Tale? Or the Patriot? (Brokeback Mountain doesn't count. I shall only focus on the fact that he met his ex-wife there and they had a kid. The movie never happened.)
  2. Where I can find a (cheap) red dress or red skirt.
  3. How ironic is it that he met his WIFE on the set of Brokeback Mountain? That just seems to contradict itself. That just hit me. The irony is not lost.


Anonymous said...

Heath never married Michelle Williams. They broke off the relationship before the wedding could happen. Have you tried Goodwill for the dress? Sometimes they get good stuff.


The Muffin said...

Oh. I read one place they did and one place they didn't and another that they did. I shalt trust in you, though, Mistie. Because I'm good like that.