Thursday, January 17, 2008

24 hours is just the beginning

So, it started at about 4 yesterday. I called Dawn and she told me that the four oldest have had their custody hearing pushed back until March. Elisha, however, was placed yesterday. And unfortunately for this side, he was sent back to his dad. I lost it. And from what I have heard, that seems to be the general reaction of the population.

And if that were not enough, I called Rachel to tell her, and she is sobbing on the other end. Her Nona, which is her grandma, died unexpectedly. She hadn't seen her since 8th grade (not her fault) but had written letters back and forth since her family's move here in 5th grade. This is her dad's (who also died) mom, and her grandpa died about 3 years ago. So, my best friend is a wreck and I am a wreck. So we sat on the phone, just crying and miserable for about half an hour. It's good to have a friend to do that with.

So, then, school today offered the same scenario. I wanted to go home so bad. I did not want to be at school. Rachel didn't stop crying all day.

When will the madness end?

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