Monday, December 3, 2007


I am the ultimate skeptic of long-term relationships. This is probably because I am bitter, because the only one I was in didn't work out. But I digress.

My best guy friend (read as- I only really have 3 guy friends and this is who I get along best with) asked a girl out this weekend. They've been batting it around and this weekend he finally did it. Her name is Kathy and she lives in Australia. Yes, people. The Land Down Under. That Australia. Talk about long-distance relationships.

But anyway, I must offer kudos to James because the way he asked her was, like, amazing. He sent her a video. (James is a media freak. James + Media = Me +Computers. He's that obsessed. Computers aren't all bad in his book either.) Which she said was beautiful.

She's coming to the US next year (she lived here for a few years back and forth in Middle School. Unfortunately, we kind of made fun of her. She's a vegan and got really upset when a teacher used a hamburger model for persuasive writing. So upset that she ran home.) She used to ride the bus with me. She's really nice.

So, kudos to James and Kathy. I really, really, really hope this works out.

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