Friday, November 30, 2007

Ligers and Fluffies

When we were in Minerva, there was this closet in the fellowship hall that was full of all kinds of goodies. I would often venture in there for prizes and other fun stuff for my Sunday School class. It had a helium tank, a box of McD's toys, pipe cleaners, you know, all that fun stuff. Anyway, one day I was in there with my brother and sister exploring and I found this marionette puppet in the very back under a bunch of boxes. It was mostly white, with some pink on it, and big eyes. Michael and Gabrielle were enthralled and, having never seen one before, were convinced that it was a real animal. Of course, I was definately not going to tell them otherwise. The strings on the puppet, I told them, were a leash, and when they asked me what kind of animal it was, I quickly replied that it was a very special animal called a 'fluffy'. They then named the puppet Fluffy the Fluffy. Creative, huh? To this day, they still think that Fluffy the Fluffy is a real animal and I have definitely not told them otherwise.

Despite Fluffy sitting in my room (we took him home for the holidays one year and forgot about him) I didn't really think about that until today. My friend, Emily, writes stories and she was writing a story for the school literary magazine (called Vedette) in which someone gets sucked into another weird diminsion (she's into Sci-Fi). And she needed to know what creatures should go into the dimension. I insisted that Ligers needed to be there, but she informed me that Ligers were just play stupid, and even if they weren't, weren't they copyrighted? So, while I was sulking, Krystal, another girl at the table (there's four of us, Rachel, Me, Emily, and Krystal) was describing a fluffy character and I about jumped out of my seat.


I went on to describe Fluffy the Fluffy to Emily and now Fluffy the Fluffy is going to be published in a Sci-Fi masterpiece. Which, knowing Emily, will probably end up being published in a 'Best Of' collection in about 20 years. (She's like, the next Bradbury. Seriously.)

See how boring my life is? I'm posting about inanimate objects!

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the lizness said...

Fluffy isn't real?

Next thing you know you're going to tell us there are no elves at the North Pole, and the Naughty and Nice List is just a manipulative tool used by our parents.