Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things that just make me mad...

Ok, so here are the two things that have just irked me today...

A teenager in Illinois named Dawn Sherman is protesting her school having a moment of silence at the start of the day with which the students can reflect on the day or, if they choose, pray. She says that as an Atheist, this is offensive to her and it goes against the separation of church and state. She says that her rights are being compromised and the school needs to be reprimanded and forced to revoke the moment of silence.

I watched this on Channel 1 in Homeroom this morning and just sat in awe. I think steam may have been coming out of my ears. So, the second I got to the lunchroom, I met up with my friend, Nikki, who is also a Christian.

"Nikki, did you see that story?"
"YES! I wanted to push that girl down a flight of stairs!"

Even Nikki's friend, Clint, who is Agnostic, got into the whole conversation. And he sided with us! We talked about the misinterpretation of the separation of church and state and how sick we were of the whole thing being used by people to restrict religious freedoms (hang on, I'll clarify on this).

Clint says, "We were given the freedom OF religion. Not freedom FROM it. You guys pray. I don't. I can sit in the class and think 'Hmmm...I forgot my Algebra homework.' and you guys can pray during the same time. You're not violating my rights. To say that you can't is a violation of your rights, not an affirmation of mine!"

This girl says that allowing the moment of silence (which isn't even mentioned as a moment of prayer. Just silence and reflection.) is endorsing prayer. We shouldn't be allowed any religious observation AT ALL in schools, according to her. Thus, restriction of religious freedoms. Argh!

I wanted to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a pen!

Ok, as if this isn't enough, my school is absolutely MORONIC!!

We're doing STAND week this week, which is anti-tobacco week. Tomorrow, we have to wear orange for this pep assembly to show support. If you don't, guess what they are doing?

They are videoing this assembly for a contest, mind you.

They are putting all of the people NOT wearing orange in a section away from the rest, videoing them, and saying, on the video-

"These are the people in our school who smoke."

Here's the thing, me and several of my friends don't even OWN any orange clothing. Does this strike you as a little slanderous or embarrassing?

Once again, stabbing myself repeatedly in the eye with a pen.


the lizness said...

part of me says borrow orange clothing and don't go against the flow ... part of me says let them do it and then argue your point that you do not smoke and that this is not cool ... the other part of me says what the chicken are you doing living in Mt V without any orange clothing?

Anyways ... high school is overrated.

Carolyn said...

Are you SERIOUS? Singling out those not wearing orange? Are they seriously even allowed to do that? What the...??!!! That seems really eccentric! On the one hand, I agree with go to MtV and own no orange? Um. But then again, I have to say, I guess I must smoke too *rolls eyes* b/c I too, own no orange anything! Last time I wore orange was when I was pregnant, a maternity shirt, and someone said I looked like a traffic cone. Buh-bye orange! Some ppl can pull it off, I am not one of them. You go to a really wierd school, so glad I'll be homeschooling my kids!:) And yes, high school IS overrated.