Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to Florida

We got here at about 10:30 lasst night. Our hotel is just too cool. It's built out of this adobe stuff and has a huge open air courtyard in the middle of it. Which is awesome.

Well worth the terrible 16 hour drive. I've made the trek by car down here once before, but I was 8 and didn't realize what was going on. And my Grandma Ryan in all of her wisdom heavily drugged me so that I could read the whole way without getting carsick.

More later. Going for breakfast.


NinjaJohn said...

Florida, Tampa, I miss it. I have friends that live, maybe 20 minutes from where you are right now. I miss them too. I hope you have fun down there.

Deana said...

Sorry I havent picked up there phone.... I fell asleep holding the phone and I didnt even feel it when it rang... Weird....
But yeah this Week has been REALLLLLLLLYYYYY Hectic... so if you dont get a call from me till like Saturday thats why... Ill try to call you tomorrow Ok? Love ya!!!! And SOOOO Jelous that you get a Vaction!!!! Lol I miss you!!!!