Friday, August 10, 2007

Only for Bongo...

My lack of real (real=does not include ignorant student answers or dancing manatees) posting has apparently disappointed Bongo. So, although I have nothing to say, I will try to think of something (think of something=tell a bunch of obvious lies) to tell you.
So, yesterday I conquered the world. Yes, I conquered it. What now? It was so easy and went so quickly that I don't remember the details of when and how I did it, so I cannot share them here, and I did it so smoothly and with such finesse, that the papers and news are unable to do my master plan justice, so they will not report it. You may now bask in my glow.
Seriously, I have done nothing productive over the past week. I redid my voicemail message yesterday. That's about it. See how productive I've done. I'm going to the Dan Emmet festival with Rachel in about 15 minutes and then tomorrow I'm going to hang with Mistie and stay the night and watch movies at her house. See how productive I am?

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