Monday, August 13, 2007

Brains....or not

Last night, I had a bum-out moment. I had something I was going to tell Tiffany and so I looked back to where Sis.Potter was and she wasn't sitting there. I still didn't get the picture, so I thought "Oh, she's praise singing or doing sound." After I looked at both of these places, I finally remembered where she actually was. Needless to say, this bummed me out a little bit.

On a completely different note,I found a muffin layout. Finally. But the programmer who made it had no mowing (ask Mistie) idea what he was doing when he created it. So it doesn't work. And this makes me sad. And disappoints Bongo (see previous post)


Deana said...

You havent called in Forever!!! Whats up??
Call me sometime soon! I'll probably call you tomorrow to see whats up....
Hope everythigns Ok.
Love ya!

the lizness said...

That happens for awhile. This last Christmas was the first Christmas since Uncle Bob died, and at one point I looked around, saw he wasn't there, and automatically thought, "Oh, he must be in the bathroom." It took a moment to register, but I don't think that feeling of loss ever totally goes away.