Monday, February 19, 2007

I know, I'm going fast *Revised Poll*

After only about 8 hours of voting, because I have no patience whatsoever, I am announcing semi-finalists. While many of you liked "What the Muffin?" and "What a Girl Wants", Liz pointed out that they are low on blogrolls, and since I have a top spot at the moment with "AB" at the beginning, my traffic will be hurt enough as it is, so sorry.

The final 3 were nominated and don't begin with "W".

*Edit* Due to outcry, I have re-added "What the Muffin?". And thank you, Liz. I am glad I rock worlds.


the lizness said...

may I retract my former comment and insert here that "What The Muffin?" sounds much more true to your blogging style than the three finalists you've chosen? And may I also insert here that you will still rock my world no matter what you pick?

Anonymous said...

Hey, How are you feeling today? I'm doing good. Well, just wanted to drop you a line. Hopefully I'll talk to you online or something today. Ciao!

Miss Logan