Monday, February 19, 2007

Beating the rotting corpse of a horse...*UPDATED*

So I've been so busy that I forgot that about 75% of you hate my blog's name. So I haven't mentioned it in about a month. So, I have a few ideas for my blog name which I will place in a poll. It's right here and willl also be on the sidebar.

*Update* Didn't think of this one until after I made the poll. I also like "Dreaming in Technicolor". If you like that one, leave it in the comments.


michele said...

I chose "What the Muffin" because you will generate some interesting traffic from that titl. I speak from experience, the word "Muffin" is popular for googlers. Also, if you can work "steel cut oats" into the title, that's even better.

the lizness said...

I ABOSOLUTELY love "What the Muffin?"

one downfall - "W" is rather far down on most alphabetized blogrolls. If you care.

The Muffin said...

Personally, my vote is for Dreaming in Technicolor.